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Your Website should be your best salesperson. Its ultimate job is to lead visitors down a path that results in them either calling you, or filling out a contact form. Its secondary jobs are to inform visitors about your products and services, build trust in your brand, and ease any hesitance to choosing you for their needs. Somewhere in the world of unicorns and rainbows, the Web Design and Development industry has lost touch with these priorities. We haven’t!

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Website Visitors Won't Give A 2nd Chance To Make A 1st Impression!

In today’s digital world, first impressions can make all the difference as to whether someone does business with you or not. That’s why having a website that is easily navigable and pleasing to the eye is of paramount importance. Our Jacksonville, FL Website Design team has years of experience designing and developing websites that psychologically work to convert visitors into leads.

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They say you never have a second chance to make a good first impression. On the web, first impressions are especially important. If you don’t impress the visitor right away, they’ll leave your site before you have a chance to convert them into a customer. A good rule of thumb for a website is the 3-30-3 rule. You have three seconds to make a first impression. If they stay for three seconds, you have thirty seconds to give them what they came to the site for. If they stay for 30 seconds, the visitor is engaged with the site, and an engaged user is more likely to stay for a longer period of time on the site. If your visitor stays on your site for 3 minutes or more, they are more likely to share your content with others and become a valued customer.

To see if your website meets the 3-30-3 rule, try this: visit a Jacksonville, FL area website other than your own and count off three seconds: 1… 2… 3… That’s all the time your website has to make an impression. If that website fails to make a positive impression in these three seconds, the visitor will leave the site, along with any chance of them becoming a valued customer.

How do you get someone to stay more than 3 seconds? First, ensure your site looks credible. People have been conditioned to be wary of sites that look outdated. They may think the site is spam or an imposter site and will leave very quickly. A good rule of thumb is that if your site looks more than 3 years old, it should be refreshed, so it does not look outdated. Not only will a fresh design ensure new visitors they are in the correct place, it will also re-engage returning visitors and keep your site active.

Once your site has made a positive impression and has the visitor’s attention, it’s time to capitalize. You’ll have 30 seconds to get them what they want before they look elsewhere. A well-planned design can help users find what they need and more. A clean site that is easy to navigate is key to getting your users where they need to be to find the content they want. Analytics are a great tool that will help you determine what your users are most interested in and what they are looking for. Knowing what your users are interested in will help you refine your site to better serve their needs.

Now that the user has what they came for, your ultimate goal is to engage them on the site and serve them more content they might be interested in. In today’s world, 3 minutes is a lifetime. If you can get someone to spend 3 minutes exploring your site, they are more likely to engage, reach out and do something. One way to engage more users is to offer value added services, such as a blog with industry news and opinions, helpful tips, or how-to articles. Multimedia, such as video or photo galleries, drive user engagement more than static content, so be sure to incorporate multimedia in your content.

In the age of instant access, hundreds of sites are offering the same information, so your site needs to assure users they are in the right place, grab their attention, give them what they came for, and encourage them to interact further. Designing sites and planning content around the 3-30-3 rule can increase interaction on your site, and increase conversion rates. Give your site the 3-30-3 test today, and if it doesn’t pass, Webramp Digital Marketing in Jacksonville can help!

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We Are WordPress Experts and Evangelists For A Very Good REason

WordPress is, in our opinion, the most powerful CMS available in today’s market. Our WordPress Website Design experts can get around in WordPress with their eyes closed. (We tried it!) The reason we believe in this platform is that it has stood the test of time and proven solid results over and over again. Google loves the structure of WordPress as well. It is the most SEO-Friendly CMS available today.

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 Almost 30% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

When it comes to deciding your website platform and which platform is the best option for you, you need to consider your next move. What is your traffic plan? SEO is a big part of the strategy of most successful businesses. Some startups rely entirely on organic traffic from the search engines.

In addition, are you aware that the most successful SEO experts use and recommend WordPress? Not surprisingly, one of the reasons why WordPress is so ahead of the competition is because it works so well for SEO. 

Frequently Asked Web Design Questions

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What All Do I Need For A Website To Function?

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There are 3 main things that every website needs in order to function on the internet:

  1. A Domain Name (www.yourwebsite.com)
  2. The Website Files (This is everything from the images, text, user database, framework, etc.)
  3. Hosting (This is where the files are all stored. Think of renting a storage building.)

Webramp Digital is able to provide any or all of this for each of our clients depending on their current circumstances.

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How Long Does It Take To Develop A Site?

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This is one of those questions that is extremely relative to the project at hand. Some sites are able to be built within a month, while some others take 8-12 months. It all depends on the scope of the project, size of the site, as well as any additional functionalities the client wants built-in.

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How Does Our Web Design and Development Process Work?

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First, we begin by conducting a full needs analysis with the client. Then, we complete extensive market research to uncover what is working for our clients’ competitors. We then formulate a custom plan to create a website that will perform better than the competition. In addition, we optimize all pages for SEO as we go. A lot of full-service web design agencies say they do this, but in reality, we have sites turned over to us every day that are a huge mess. Don’t waste money on having someone else develop your website only to have to bring it to us to invest more money having us clean up a nightmare.

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How Much Will A New Website Cost me?

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Yet again, this is one of those questions that is extremely relative to the project scope, timeline, etc. You also need to make sure you budget for the marketing part after your site is finished, or else you might as well flush money down the toilet. We HIGHLY recommend, at minimum, pairing your new website with an ongoing SEO plan. Your investment depends on the overall plan we agree upon for your online marketing needs. In addition, rather than following some antiquated “billable hours” structure, we use a value-based pricing structure that ensures a solid ROI for your investment.

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